Friday, December 2, 2011

"You need a Victim and a Complaint!" -- A statement that angers the LGBT Community !

There’s one thing in this world that I hate so much and that is bullying. I hate all acts of bullying; even the word “bully” makes me cringe. Being bullied is such a cruel act and anyone who decides to take part in it, should be extremely punished!

That is why when I recently read an article about the Jamey Rodemeyer case I was completely angered by the results.

In recent news, Amherst Police Chief John Askey announced that after hundreds of hours of interviews and investigation his department has ruled that no charges will be brought against the classmates that bullied 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer to death.

The reason?

Because Jamey is dead, and therefor cannot testify against them.

As stated by Askey, “Jamey is not alive to attest to any of the incidents involved, which most frequently involved subjecting the teen to gay slurs. Jamey had identified himself as bisexual and gay over the course of the last year prior to his death. In most cases, you need a victim and a complaint.”

For those who have no clue about the case, Jamey committed suicide in September after blogging for months that was being mercilessly bullied and that his school seemed unwilling to do anything about it. When classmates discovered his blog, they took the bullying there as well, writing “Jamie is stupid, gay, fat, and ugly. He must die!” Another read, “I wouldn’t care if you died. No one would. So just do it. It would make everyone way ore happier!”

Following Jamey’s suicide, his school’s homecoming dance made national news when the bullies who had tormented Jamey into suicide began chanting, “We’re glad you’re dead!” during a dedication to him. Jamey’s sister was in attendance during the unbelievable celebration of her brother’s death and a student was eventually suspended for harassing her.

So for the police to now say that there will be no punishment for those who bullied this young boy to death precisely because they achieved their goal and he is no longer alive to testify. Well. You can see how the LGBT community would find that completely unacceptable and a travesty of justice.

On a brighter note, in Jamey's plea to others he singled out Lady Gaga as a beacon of hope and when Mother Monster caught wind of this sad story she began a Twitter campaign to attempt to bring about legislation to adopt anti-bullying laws. She met with the President and performed a moving tribute to Jamey at a recent concert.

In addition to Gaga's efforts, Jamey's parents, Tim and Tracey Rodemeyer have decided to address this issue head on in hopes that they can bring about change in the wake of their son’s passing. They appeared on the Today show and spoke to Ann Curry about the tragic incident that occurred. The couple touched on issues that occurred after there son's death, such as, the events that happened during the homecoming event at school.

It’s hard to grasp where that level of angst and intolerance comes from. One of the issues that has come to light is the fact that the internet and all the social media outlets make young people like Jamey more accessible to those who wish to cause hurt and harm. Jamey’s mother Tracey concluded with the following statement to other parents:

“My message to the parents is badger your kids and make them talk or get them the help they need. There’s lots and lots of other people that maybe they’ll talk to. There’s a lot of organizations out there that maybe they’ll talk to, but get them to talk. We tried to get Jamey to talk to us constantly, and he just kept it in. He just put up a brave face but just wouldn’t let it go, if you know they’ve been bullied in the past, keep on them, go to the school, do whatever you have to, to make sure that they’re getting the help they need.”

This is such a tragic case and it angers me that there are young people out there doing these horrendous crimes. At any age, this should not be acceptable! People, young people, are committing suicide because of such acts like bullying and government officials are not doing anything about it. People are getting away with crimes when families are suffering due to them, which is unjustly and not right!

Hopefully, one day this could change but until then all we can do is just fight and hope for change.

Until next time ..

Peace Love and Rainbows,


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