Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Young Boy Takes a Stand !

I recently came across a video of an interview that Ellen DeGeneres had with a young man by the name ofGraeme Taylor who is a very special member of the LGBT community. Graeme is an openlygay 14 year old student in Michigan who recently made headlines for apassionate defense of a teacher who was suspended by the school district fordismissing a student for making homophobic slurs. Just to add, Michigan madesome less positive headlines a few weeks back with the passing of anti- bullylegislation that read more like a bullying “how to.” The language in questionwas removed and a more effective bill was passed.

Graeme gave a very candidinterview about why he chose to take his case to the school board as well aswhat it was like coming out to his friends. Graeme seems very comfortable inthe spotlight and clearly has a very supportive family behind him

Below you can view the speechGraeme gave to the school board and his feature on The Ellen Show !

Congratulations to Graeme for being recognized by Ellen and for standing up for what he felt was right. Graeme you are an inspiration to LGBT teens (and adults) around the world. Keep up the good work!

Peace Love and Rainbows,

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  1. That kid is very inspiring and so mature for his age. The level of comprehensiveness that he is at with the world around him is far beyond some people that are twice his age