Sunday, October 16, 2011

A "Secret" Review .

I recently attended a birthday party at Secret Lounge in New York City and I have to admit I can't wait to tell you all, all about it! To be honest all I can say about this place is men, men, men, lots of men .. GAY MEN! If you haven't gotten the clue of what kind of place this is, well honey it's a gay club!

When I arrived at the club there was no line, which I was extremely happy about. When I finally stepped into the club I was asked to pay twenty dollars for the entrance fee. I was quite furious about paying that much money since girls are usually free but when I found out the men were free I knew there was something different about this place. So, girls if you ever decide to come to this place please don't forget to bring money because nothing is free.

Before I go on with my story, may I add that I was not informed that I was walking into a gay club.

Anyway, since there was no line outside of the club, I figured that this place wouldn't be too crowded but I was completely wrong about that. I finally stepped into the main part of the club and all I can feel is the hot air coming from the overly crowded area that I was about to walk through. I was amazed at how small of a place this was and the amount of people that was in there. I honestly felt like a sardine in a tightly sealed can. I'm serious! By the way, this was the part of the night when I realized that I was in a gay club. I was completely surrounded by men, who didn't even take a moment to look my way.

After pushing through the crowd I finally got to the bar which was located at the back of the club. The bartenders were all women who were snotty and rude. The drinks were extremely good but a bit too pricey, NYC pricey. The DJ played a variety of music that was enjoyable to listen to but was a waste because there was no room to dance. If you decided to dance, you honestly would be rubbing against the person next to you.

The best part of this club was watching the amount of gay men gyrating against one another but overall I had a good time. Well, let's be honest anywhere you go where theres a million gay men is expected to be a good time.

Even though the place was overly crowded, the drink prices were extremely expensive, the bartenders were unwelcoming, and I had to pay an entrance fee, I honestly had an amazing night.

So, ladies if you ever decide to visit Secret Lounge make sure you come with a big chunk of change and a group of gay men.

Men, just bring yourself!

If anyone is interested in visiting Secret Lounge here's the address and number:

525 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 268-5580

Well, until next time ..

Peace Love and Rainbows,


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