Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Guilty Secret ...

I've always enjoyed going on and reading the most recent "secret" post cards that people send in. If you don't know what PostSecret is, it is a website and also a book that publishes post cards that they receive from anonymous people who write there most sacred secrets. These secrets are usually from people who are too afraid to reveal their secrets to there friends and families, so they decide to write them on post cards and send them in for it to be published on PostSecret.

I recently went on the website and came upon this particular secret. Reading this post card honestly saddens me because the man who wrote this would honestly rather be sexually abused then taking pride in his sexual orientation. Even though I don't know this man it still holds a burden in my heart because I know in our society today, a lot of gay people can relate to the man who wrote this. Although, there are many changes being done for the LGBT community there are still people out there who are very close-minded towards this particular community, which leads to feelings such as the one posted above.

Being a person who strongly believes that people should take pride in their sexual orientation, I feel that no one should feel guilty about something that is such a large part of there lifestyle. If we want more people to become aware of the LGBT community and our rights we have to show them that we are proud of who we are and regardless of all the hate in the world, we are going to keep fighting for change and keep showing people our pride.

It takes a community to make a change and if we keep living in a world filled with guilt, change won't happen.

May I add that although I sound quite angered by this image and what it is saying, I do understand where this person is coming from. It can be quite difficult living in such a close-minded society and being gay. The things society say about the LGBT community can be very hurtful and make people feel guilty for being the person they are. Not only does this happen within the gay community but it happens to all different communities. We just all have to stay strong and keep the hope alive for a better future.

Sighhh ...

Peace Love and Rainbows,


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