Monday, October 24, 2011

Death of Individualism .

This video is incredibly disturbing, and should only be watched if you are able to stomach it. Quite frankly, the death of a fellow human being is not something that should be sensationalized or exploited. Unfortunately, there also comes a point where we as a whole have to understand the brutality that is occurring in places where repression is happening. While this video is from Africa and few details are available about it other than that it could be just about anywhere even in the United States. It could come from anywhere where hatred of lesbians and gays runs rampant and human life is devalued because of the differences between people.

This video came out of Africa, but it is not known which country. Some are claiming that it came from Uganda, but there is no evidence in the video as to where it came from. This man’s name is not known, but what is known is that this man was gay.

Over at UnicornBooty, where this video came from, they wrote:
"Real, talk, this is themost graphic and shocking example of violence we’ve ever seen in our lives.This video is not for the faint of heart. Hell, it’s not even for most humanbeings. We honestly argued with one another here in the UB office over who hadto cover it, because none of us could even stand to make it al the way throughthe video. A gay man is beaten to abloody pulp by an angry mob in this video, doused with some sort of flammableliquid, buried under a pile of wooden rubble, and then set ablaze. You willcry. You will want to throw up. You won’t make it through the video. It’s graphic and disgustingand the saddest thing we’ve ever seen. But this man was reportedly one of us,and nobody even seems to know his name. How could a man be turned into his ownfuneral pyre by dozens of hateful attackers somewhere in our world withoutanybody even knowing where it all went down?"

It is not surprising. In truth, the dehumanization of lesbians and gays leads to this. How many anti-LGBT hate crimes do we see every year in the United States, many of whom are beaten to within an inch of their lives and left badly scarred? How many “corrective rapes” occur in this nation every year?

This man was a human being, and he was brutally murdered for being something that is an innate to him as the color of his skin, his eyes, and his hair. In life, he was turned into a monster by those who seek to scapegoat the different. He was turned into a demon by those who seek to sustain their power through diverting attention to helpless minorities. He was turned into a corpse by those who have been fooled into losing their own humanity.
I will not warn you again, though. This video is extremely graphic, and I will not be held responsible for how you react to it. Just know that no person should be harmed for what they did here other than through the permanent loss of their freedom. This video is of someone being beaten and burned alive. Watch only if you are absolutely certain you can manage that. I hope that I am making myself clear.

With that said, we as humans should take time to think about how we view and treat others. The world would be a better place if we became more understanding to the lives of others.

Peace Love and Rainbows,


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